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Glitched Online is Offline

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A Chat with Cole Episode 12: 4K TV

Is it time to increase the resolution?

Glitched Podcast Episode 3: Already Saying Goodbye


Cole and Corey take part in their last Glitched Podcast.

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Glitched Podcast Episode 2: 2014 Predictions


The Glitched Team discusses their 2014 predictions.

Glitched Podcast Episode 1: EPXCON 2014


The first Glitched Podcast where the Glitched Team talks about EPXCON 2014.

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Paul Yan and the Challenges of Animation

An audio interview with Toys for Bob’s animation director Paul Yan.

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Coverage of the game conference at the University of Iowa.

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A Chat with Cole Episode 11: Annualized Games

call of duty

Cole and Steven chat about games that come out every year.

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A Chat with Cole Episode 10: Digital Streaming

Picture of Playstation Now

Cole and Steven chat about digitally streaming games.

A Chat with Cole Episode 9: Is Guitar Hero Dead?

guitar hero guitars

Cole and Steven talk about music video games.

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