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Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer Drops

Avengers 2 gets a trailer.

Error in Translation: Films Based on Video Games

Corey Burns writes about the problems with adapting films from video games.

A Chat with Cole Episode 12: 4K TV

Is it time to increase the resolution?

Batman’s New Wardrobe

Director Zach Snyder tweeted out a look at the new Batman costume.

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Glitched Podcast Episode 3: Already Saying Goodbye


Cole and Corey take part in their last Glitched Podcast.

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Original Star Wars Cast Returns

Star Wars: Episode VII cast

Luke, Han, Leia and others will return in Episode VII.

A Chat with Cole Episode 8: Video Game Movies

Sly Cooper movie

Cole and Steven talk about the future of video game movies.

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The Lego Movie Builds a Franchise

Lego movie poster

A charming movie that doesn’t miss a comedic beat.

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What’s a HFR movie?

High Frame Rate projections makes 3D even more realistic.

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