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Super Smash Bros 3DS Dual Review

Corey and Jake don’t fight much about the quality of Smash on 3DS.

Error in Translation: Films Based on Video Games

Corey Burns writes about the problems with adapting films from video games.

Rise of Rosalina

A look into the increasing popularity of Nintendo’s celestial princess.

Issues with Amiibos

Plastic figures may not be the best option to draw gamers to Wii U.

Can a Game Be Innovative?

Is innovation a death sentence to video games?

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Mario Golf: Hole-in-One

Mario Golf Title

WHAT?! Two people reviewing the same game…together?!

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Glitched Podcast Episode 3: Already Saying Goodbye


Cole and Corey take part in their last Glitched Podcast.

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Glitched Podcast Episode 2: 2014 Predictions


The Glitched Team discusses their 2014 predictions.

Glitched Gameplay – Cloudberry Kingdom part 1

Check out our most recent gameplay videos!

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