Super Smash Bros 3DS Dual Review

Corey Burns and Jake Mayer both played Super Smash Bros. on 3DS. Here’s what they thought of the newest game in the series in a Glitched Online Dual Review.

Opening Thoughts

Corey: Finally, resident assistants everywhere can legally get smashed with their residents. When the first Nintendo DS came out in 2004, I marveled at the graphics that Nintendo’s handheld possessed. Playing Super Mario 64 DS was exciting, as the graphics were identical to the Nintendo 64. Upon playing it for the first time, I mentioned to my brothers it will be exciting once Super Smash Bros. gets ported to handheld, as companies finally had to power to do so. I was ridiculed beyond belief for this statement. My brothers and friends claimed that the screen and buttons were too small and it would be no fun to play with friends. It appears finally after ten years, I get my wish but does the installment for the 3DS hold up to the console ones?

 Jake: Super Smash Bros has finally crossed the threshold from home console to the handheld world! I’m very happy that the technology finally exists to play Super Smash Bros on a handheld system.



Corey: One complaint I have heard before I played for myself was that the screen was too small if you own an original 3DS. I do echo that sentiment, but not to the extent that the game is unplayable if you do not have a 3DSXL. If anything, it was a minor annoyance but it did not take away from the game significantly. For those who were concerned that the drop in frame rate would take away from the game, I had no problem with it. In a game that involves precision and smooth timing, Bandai Namco and Nintendo succeeded in making a fine port to the handheld.

 Jake: 3DS Smash completely utilizes the 3Ds’s graphical capabilities. I was a little wary about the black outline around the characters, but it doesn’t make the game feel unnatural. I really like how one can use whatever costume they want and not have to worry about their team color. That’s right, I can play as shirtless Shulk all the time. Graphically I think the best way to play is 1vs1.



Corey: There should be no surprises in regards to Smash veterans. Classic and all-star mode return along with the frantic four player brawls people fell in love with on the 64. However, the new modes add some charm to the series. Playing Smash Run in which the goal is to run through a treacherous maze filled with monsters to improve your character’s stats which is then followed by a random challenge was an interesting mode. It was a nice change of pace, but I could have gone without the mode either. The other single player modes (like trophy rush, or target blast) did not do much to hold my attention.

Unfortunately, the game trips up in what it is supposed to be most powerful in, multiplayer. Take this with a grain of salt, as my internet is not the best, but I have plenty of friends who have complained it was difficult to smash with their friends online. Local play has no problems, but Nintendo designed this game to connect players from around the world. Essentially, the multiplayer plays well so long as you have the means to do so but is frustrating for players with even a modest internet connection. When I got it working, I felt little difference between competing with people on the handheld and the console. If Nintendo can improve the technical difficulties in the game, they might have something in this franchise.

Jake: First of the Smashing features, a new interesting twist on classic mode. The player walks the line and on the line is the symbol of a different Smash Bros character. Usually the line splits into three different lines. It’s then the players call on what road they dare to take. This new system is fantastic and it makes your skin tingle. If you’re feeling confident in your skills as a Smash player, take a swing at a Smash Run. A challenging game mode where one tries to better themselves by collecting different boosts. I had a great time playing this mode and it intrigues me as to how the Smash Bros Wii U version will be. Bringing back wonderful mini games like the home-run contest and the multi man smash while showcasing the great new Target Smash. Highly addictive and unbelievably fun, this version of Smash Bros has me hooked.

As if the game couldn’t get any better, the online play is phenomenal. I have put at least 15 hours into the online play so far and it really stands up to expectations. The only problem I have is one cannot play with friends and strangers online. Just one or the other. On that note though. Online play has been improved greatly since Super Smash Bros Brawl.



Corey: With all the variety of characters, there were some glaring voids in fan favorites or veterans of the series. One of the most confusing fighters left off the roster was Ice Climbers with Mr. Sakurai’s explanation being that it was too difficult to port to the 3DS and the team wanted the Gameboy and the Wii U version to be identical. A perplexing justification to me, as Rosalina & Luma fight similar to the Popo and Nana, but there is rumor that the icy competitors will be available via DLC for the Wii U later. Other characters like Mewtwo and Snake were disappointingly absent.

Plenty of the new fighters make up for it though with standouts being Robin from Fire Emblem and the Duck Hunt dog. These fighters are powerful in addition to just being fun to play with. What I enjoyed most about the game was the nod to Nintendo folklore throughout the entire game, especially the more obscure references. The Magnicant stage from Earthbound was a nice surprise along with the fierce diety skin for Link. Other highlights include the wire frame skin of Little Mac from Punch Out! and the taunts of the Duck Hunt dog. Nintendo even reflects this in the items, such as the gust bellows and beetle from Skyward Sword and many Namco arcade based items and assists trophies (like Pong and Galaga).

Jake: As if all of the new Game Modes weren’t good enough, There are 49 playable characters in Smash Bros including possible Mii. It is mildly disappointing that you cannot play as the Ice Climbers in this Smash Bros game. They may not have been the coolest, but they were fun to troll with none the less. I personally have fallen in love with a couple of the new characters introduced in the new Smash Bros. Duck Hunt Dog, Shulk and Lucina are absolutely fantastic. Lucina is a Marth moveset clone. Due to that, Lucina is an excellent addition. Shulk is a mid speed swordsman. Faster than Ike but slower than Marth/Lucina, Shulk can get a few good combos in before you have to get out. A healthy hitter also, Shulk can deliver the necessary desired smashes. His neutral B attack scrolls through possible attribute enhancements. This can help even the playing field if you need to get a little pep in your step for those speedy opponents or if you need a little more defense against a heavy character.

Duck Hunt Dog is really fun to play with. He is just an all around troll character. Even though he is great to use when you want to mess with someone he is also a quite formidable foe. Watch out for his side B attack. Other Characters making new appearences in this game are: Bowser jr., Dark Pit, Greninja, Little Mac, Mega Man, Pac Man, Palutena, Robin, Rosalina and Luma, Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer. On top of all of that you can turn Miis you have created into fighters. One can even customize moves for characters that have been around since day one. Make your favorite classic character exactly what you want them to be.

Final Thoughts

Corey: Ultimately, Smash on the 3DS plays well in concept but struggles due to hiccups. It is certainly more than appeasement since the Wii U version is not slated to release until late November, but it does have its flaws. Local multiplayer is the way to go with many issues with online play, so make sure you can play multiplayer locally if you are hoping to buy. Also, I wish you the best of luck in the guessing you have to play in order to unlock characters. My expectations might be too high as this was a 10 year wait for my handheld Smash wish, but overall Nintendo produced a solid product worthwhile if you can access all its features.

Jake: Overall I give the game a 9.5 out of ten. I would suggest it to anyone with a 3DS. If you don’t have a 3DS buy one for this game! Get Smashed!