The Best Kart For You

Are you a Mario Kart fan and feel overwhelmed by all the customizable options or are just too lazy to optimize your play style by testing out all the components? Not a problem! Glitched Online is here to classify both karts and characters to best fit how you want to play the game.

Destruction Player: Donkey Kong

Destruction Vehicle: Prancer


Are you the kind of racer who likes to cause havoc on the track with items and running your opponents off the road? DK is a perfect character to wreak havoc. DK throws his weight around whether on a kart or bike and has great speed to boot. Fair warning, his acceleration is poor so he cannot take what he dishes out.

The Prancer screams battle. A tribute to the history buffs out there, grueling chariot races were hosted in both ancient Rome and Greece. What better kart is there in this game to convey how you race than a chariot?

Speed Demon: Bowser

Speed Demon Vehicle: Mach 8


Somewhat of an upset pick, most people would assume the gargantuan Bowser to be poor pick for speed. However, Bowser has the greatest top speed once he gets his momentum going. Add the slick or cyber slick tires to Bowser’s ride, and he nearly gets top speed. If you can deal with the lack of acceleration, Bowser is your pick. If not, someone like Baby Mario or Toadette might be a better pick.

In a nod to the Speed Racer series, Kart gets the Mach 8 kart. This sleek kart has devilish speed that simply glides around the tracks. So long as the tires selected compensate for its below average acceleration, this kart is fast.

1st Time Player: Toad

1st Time Vehicle: Standard


A popular character among beginners throughout the series, Toad is an easy, controllable character with mostly balanced stats. Toad is a great character to use to get accustomed to Kart and then experiment with more technical vehicles.

Coupled with the Standard Kart, beginners should grasp this game quickly. With no alterations to the character’s stats, the standard kart or bike is a go to choice to get comfortable with the game. Similar to Toad, beginners should start with the standard kart and then experiment with more advanced vehicles.

Legacy Player: Yoshi

Legacy Vehicle: Gold Standard


The world’s favorite dinosaur is also a great choice for kart veterans. Yoshi has balanced stats that can be altered based on you vehicle and wheels of choice. The flexibility Yoshi offers make him an optimum selection for seasoned players.

The Gold Standard marks the greatness of a player. One of the most difficult things to unlock in the game, let your opponents know your dedication to racing.

Most Challenging to Control Character: Baby Peach

Most Challenging to Control Vehicle: Sports Bike


Clearly, Peach matured as a racer with age. Peach is one of the tightest characters to control but her baby self is the most difficult. With her high acceleration, the drift boost becomes unpredictable and she handles looser than most of the other characters. Players can win many a race if they can wrangle this toddler.

The Sport Bike can also be considered a speed demon but it does come with a price. The handling is very loose but players can whip around the track with ease once they master this slim bike.

Most like Racing Simulator Character: Mii

Most like Racing Simulator Vehicle: Circuit Special


Your Mii’s outfit alone makes him/her an ideal pick. Dressed in professional racer attire, the stats of the Mii changed based on appearance. Feel like a distinguished stock or indy car racer as your Mii.

Looking straight out of Formula One racing, the Circuit Special handles like these real life speedsters. Be wary of the poor acceleration and handling, but it is a great kart for those used to more realistic racing simulators.

Trickster Character: Waluigi


Don’t give a damn if you win the race and just wanna look cool? May I introduce you to Waluigi. He has some great acrobatic tricks that will ensure you ride in style. For the readers familiar with extreme sports, some of Waluigi tricks include the one handed kiss of death, one handed decade, and the physics defying no handed, no footed tailwhip.

FTW Character: Rosalina

FTW Vehicle: Mr. Scooty, FTW Tires: Cyber Slick, FTW Glider: Peach Parasol


Rosalina continues to be a reliable character since being introduced in the Wii installment. Her great base speed is attractive and her poor base stats in handling and acceleration are compensated with the right vehicle. Customizing her correctly gives a nimble yet sturdy racer to be streets ahead of the competition.

For the fans of the television series Scrubs, Sasha makes her triumphant reincarnation of herself as the speedy moped Mr. Scooty in Mario Kart 8. This tiny vehicle glides effortlessly on the tracks with sick handling. For the most expert riders, a blend of acceleration, handling, and speed provides means for a great racer to drift effortlessly across Mushroom Kingdom.

If you can deal with the drastic drop in traction, the Cyber Slick wheels provide great speed and weight. They do look more stylish than the conventional slick tires too, so you can win and look cool at the same time.

The Peach Parasol provides the best way to soar in the game. Tilting down to catch some air under the parasol, players then can accelerate through the sky at high speeds and hit the ground running when they return to the track.