A Chat with Cole Episode 12: 4K TV

Cole and Steven chat about 4K resolution and whether it’s time to upgrade. This is the last podcast before the Glitched Podcast series began and was recently found on a memory card. Cole is no longer with Glitched Online, but make sure to follow him on Twitter to see what projects he is working on now.

One comment on “A Chat with Cole Episode 12: 4K TV
  1. Ethan Condon says:

    When HD first came out i always thought, ‘This looks exactly the same. It isn’t different at all.’. However now that i watch videos in 480p vs 720p/1080p, i am just like, ‘How did i watch that stuff before?’

    So with 4K i think things will be similar. But much of this I attribute to the gradual increase in quality. When things change slowly you have more time to adapt and get used to them, where as if they change fast you notice them almost instantly.

    On a similar, somewhat related note, YouTube is finally adding support for 48/60fps videos.