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Looking Into Overwatch

Blizzard announces a new franchise named Overwatch.

Games with Gold November 2014 Update

Volgarr the Viking, Viva Pinata and Red Faction: Guerrilla are free in November.

PlayStation Plus November 2014 Update

The Binding of Issac and Escape Plan are free this month.

P.T. Is Scary If You’re Lucky

P.T. is frightening if you play it the right way.

Super Smash Bros 3DS Dual Review

Corey and Jake don’t fight much about the quality of Smash on 3DS.

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer Drops

Avengers 2 gets a trailer.

Error in Translation: Films Based on Video Games

Corey Burns writes about the problems with adapting films from video games.

Gamer Terms: A Gaming Language Guide

Find out what gamers are really saying.

PlayStation Plus October 2014 Update

DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition, Batman, and more for Plus subscribers this month.